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Label to check authenticity of Sabah-made products

Phoong (centre) and others holding the hologram label at the launching ceremony.

KOTA KINABALU : Checking the authenticity of Sabah-made products is now easier with the introduction of the ‘Authentic Sabah’ hologram label that was launched here on Saturday.

According to Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Phoong Jin Zhe, the Authentic Sabah hologram label is aimed at overcoming the problem of dumping products that use the identity of Sabah products but are processed or manufactured outside the state.

“This complaint was received from trade associations as well as from players in the manufacturing industry who requested that the State Government resolve this problem.

Therefore my ministry took the initiative by printing the ‘Authentic Sabah’ hologram label which will be distributed free of charge to all entrepreneurs registered with the Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR).

“This hologram label will be used on all products made in Sabah and this label has security features that are difficult for third parties to copy,” he said at the launching of the hologram label.

Phoong when met by reporters later said that the hologram label would boost consumer confidence as the products they purchase have the verification of being produced originally in Sabah.

He claimed that in the past there may have been difficulties telling the differences between Sabah-made products and those that are produced elsewhere but with the hologram label, all the doubts will be answered.

Phoong said the hologram label is currently provided free of charge to 200 entrepreneurs registered with DIDR.

“It is also a sort of identification for the entrepreneurs as with the hologram label, it means that their products have the verification from the ministry. This will also make it easier for the ministry to disseminate assistance to the 6,000 entrepreneurs registered with DIDR,” he said.

Phoong added that the hologram label also makes it easier to hold ‘Sabah-made products’ promotion campaigns with hypermarkets in other states and also to monitor the quality of the products to ensure that issues are resolved.

— Nancy Lai

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