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Merger best way forward for PBS and STAR

PBS dan STAR mencapai kata sepakat untuk memulakan perbincangan rasmi bagi menjalinkan kerjasama jitu dalam pertemuan di antara pemimpin kedua-dua parti pada Rabu lepas

A merger between PBS and STAR could significantly strengthen the political power of both parties in the State as well as representation at the Federal level. It will also help in strengthening the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah under the leadership of DSP Hajiji bin Hj Noor. Combining their forces could eliminate the detrimental backstabbing and competition that currently undermines each party’s strength in constituencies where they similar voter demographics.

Collaborations between parties may not completely eliminate competition and internal conflict within the parties.

A merger is the best way forward for PBS and STAR. By joining together, these parties can pool resources, share experiences, and present a united front to voters. This will increase their chances of success in contested constituencies.

PBS and STAR leadership should seriously consider pursuing a merger to maximize their political potential and influence in the policy direction of the state towards a stable and prosperous future for Sabah.

Bersatu kita tegoh,bercerai kita roboh.

* Datuk J.Ligunjang JP is a Sabah rights campaigner 

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